Saturday, December 25, 2010

Picasso took over the Art room!!

All of my students created a Picasso inspired project this semester. 

K-1 students created Picasso's Flowers,  by tracing their hands and adding green stems with markers then testing their cutting skills by creating the flowers. 

2-3 students created a collage in the crazy abstract style of Picasso using cut paper and then finishing with a black paint outline.

4-5- This was the project of the year! We started by studying Picasso's Old Guitarist and then broke down the parts and drew the man together as a class.  We then discussed Monochromatic color schemes and how you make tints and shades of the same color.   The students had a lot of trouble with proportions when we first started this project so it took some time but i created scaled boxes which i had the students trace on their papers to then draw each body part in.  The results aren't perfect but then again, what Picasso art work is?

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