Thursday, October 6, 2011

Piet Primary Colors

Simple, quick but got the lesson learned... i really wanted to drill in learning the primary colors with my K-1 students this year so we did a quick Piet Modrian Project to learn about the 3 primary colors.  We started by reading the book Color, by Ruth Heller, which explains the printing process and how the 3 primary colors overlap to mix and make every color printed.  This along with my attention cue of saying "Red, Yellow, Blue and the students responding "Eyes on you" helped them learn that those 3 colors were important.  The two facts i made sure they all knew was that those 3 colors combine to make many other colors, and that they are the only 3 colors that cant be made by mixing others.  The project was dont with cut black strips that they glued down making geometric boxes like Modrian and then they colored in boxes with only the 3 primary colors like he used to paint with.  Okay results in the project but they do all now know the 3 primary colors and why they are special.

Book we read:
Finished K students work:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Day Vice President Biden Came to School

Oakstead Elementary was lucky enough to be picked as the FL Pasco County school that VP Joe Biden came to visit.  During our preparation to welcome the VP (one days notice of his arrival), his "people" asked for some art work to be put up and a banner to be made so that behind VP Biden there would be a taste of the kids. We transformed our media center into speach central and have also decided that from now on we will display art work up on the walls rather than just "Reading" posters.  If you look closely you will see the dancing giraffes from the previous post and then peacock from posts coming soon! Having VP Biden visit OES was such a fun and exciting experience for our students and staff something we will never forget!

(Thanks to the local news stations and google images for the photos :) )