Saturday, December 25, 2010


My K-1 kids were getting a little antsy and needed a meaningful quick project.  This two day project painting monsters came after reading a short story about a monster that went to school and didn't know how to behave properly.  As i read the quick story the students needed to picture the monster that went to school and think about he poor choices the monster made.  After we talked about what we can and cannot do in school we started to draw our monsters, first with two circle eyes, then a large nose, big mouth and a rainbow shaped head.  This was a quick easy drawing and then painting project with a good moral.  The kids also loved using the crayon with the tempera cakes.  One key was having the students just draw with the crayons, it eliminated the problem of having them want to erase every 2 minutes.

Samples are from a K class

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