Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art on a Cart?

So for my up coming second year of teaching my job has changed a little.  I am now split between two schools and the school that i will now be at 2 days a week has the great chance of being a Cart gig.  With only one year under my belt and that year being one with my own classroom with all i could ask for (except a sink) i'm looking for helpful tips, hints and plans from those who have been on a cart before!!?
I know it wont be that bad but any advice in how to handle it or things that you have done that have worked would be Amazing!!!

Thanks in advance for the words of wisdom! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monet's Water Lilies

For the last  project of the year my K1 Kiddos played around with the starting stages of collage.  We started by watching the Movie: Monet
Then they painting a piece of 9x12 paper with different colors of blue and purple tempera cakes creating movement in overlapping to create their pond.  The next class they cut out bean shaped lily pads and used tissue paper(twisting the little square pieces on the back of their pencils) to create pretty little flowers to go on top of them.  We overlapped the two colors of green and then glued the little flowers on top and then onto the pond and they were done! Very quick and fun project for the end of they year! Great way to use up old pieces of used green paper too!

A Few Samples:
 Students were asked to have at least 2 big lily pads but if time allowed or they worked to small they could add more to their pond.