Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Illuminated Letter

4/5th grade students learned a little about middle ages art.  For our fundraiser at LMES this year we chose to work with the students first letter to their name and create artwork around that.  The 4/5 kiddos created illuminated letter.  We took a simple bubble letter and embellished it... added touches of nature around them for details and finished with blended colored pencils to create fun letters!


This idea came from this post ... on Mary Making.

I changed it a little but kept the basic concept and history portion similar.  I used colored pencils for the face and then added tempera paint for the main--- fun project with pretty good results... some students rushed and made a MESS but most did a pretty good job.   We talked a lot about subjective color use and how simply laying colors over others will keep the one color clean and also blend to create a new color with what is under it.  Very fun but i would make a few changes to how we draw the face next time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My k1 kiddos created peacocks for this years fundraiser project.  The started by tracing a peacock body, adding a beak out of paper then drawing lines around it.  They then used the two primary colors and the secondary color it makes to add dots around the lines... they used their fingers to make these spots.  Once that was dry we added in little feather lines off of the main line in those same 3 colors to create the full feather.  Very fun and colorful results!