Tuesday, April 26, 2011


K1 made these fun pattern Peacocks!  They started by tracing a body template of a peacock then cutting it out and gluing it to their paper.  They then added the feathers looking at the patterns in real feathers.  They started by adding the circles with 3 colors then a BUNCH of little feather lines to show the texture in the feathers. Some came out better than others but for K-1 they aren't to bad.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Perfect project for K-3!  The photo pretty much explain it all but the quick steps were:
1- paint the paper one color
2- Use paint wash and a straw to blow across the page from all angles to create the branches
3- add small red&pink abstract shapes to create the look of the cherry blossom on the branch


WAHOOO!!! the 2010-11 Art Show is over and a success!!
 Sadly it was up and down within less than 24 hours but with outdoor hall ways and florida weather that is what had to happen... Each student had a piece at art in the show and were invited to come with their families to view their hard work and take their artwork home!!

Above are a few photos of the night...

Georgia's Flowers

Georgia's Flowers!
Simple project that has been done with many on Georgia O'Keeffe,  I had my 4/5th grade students used direct observation by looking at artificial flowers and drawing the  flower so that it touched at least 2 sides, hopefully 4 sides of their paper and then outlined it with sharpie and painted them with water colors, the photos explain more... simple project that has beautiful results!! 
My notes for them on how the flowers should/could look after they draw them, and how to crop their practice sketch down so that the flower touched all the sides. 

Below are the starting steps on drawing the flower, they picked a fake flower and used direct observation to draw it....

Then they went over ALL pencil lines with Sharpie...

Then they painted with watercolors, using different intensities of the color to show depth, they finished by choosing on contrasting color to paint the background to make their flower POP!

Elephant Safari

This project is an elaboration the a project i saw on Deep Space Sparkle website 
( http://www.deepspacesparkle.com/2011/01/ink-elephant-art-lesson/)  But rather than stopping at just using the ink from the marker to paint with i had the students look at foreground, middle ground and background to add in some color.  We started the same way, i gave each student a picture of an elephant and simply told them to look and draw it, i had a lot of students worried about doing this in my 2nd grade classes, but they all drew wonderful elephants.   Next they added in a large sun set and a few trees to the back ground, followed by different plants in the middle and foregrounds.  They finished by painting with tempera cakes to add a punch of color.  The students all had fun and was a perfect lesson for my 2nd and 3rd graders.