Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boards and Decor

After a few weeks i began to truly figure out what i wanted my room to look like, i love colors and wanted it to be a bright and fun place for the kids to come into and then being in Florida it feels like summer year round so a bug or bee theme seemed to fit the mood. I mainly tried to put up things that would be helpful for the kids and friendly reminders, like the rules, color wheels and then the Art No No's board
The no no board is more of a fun thing than anything else for the kids.  Never do i intend to limit their creativity but i want it to be simple reminders for them to take their time and put care into their work, if they simply scribble and rush through free draw time or their projects they will never reach their highest potential, but if someone draws an amazingly detailed sun with a face, i would never call that a no no in art. 

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