Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Project Down, Many more to go...

Under the Sea

First project the kids did for the year was aimed to please the parents with our annual art fundraiser with Square One Art.  the students took the school team mascots and designed and under the sea world using different color combinations and colleaguing techniques.  

 The Kindergarten kiddos created hand print fish, the First grade crew created Rays, Second Eels, Third sponge painted Seahorses and fourth used analogous colors to create a collage styled and animal of their choice and Fifth grade used Warm and Cool colors to decorate their chosen animal.


First Grade:

 Second Grade:

 Third Grade:

Fourth Grade:

 Fifth Grade:


  1. The 5th grade projects are my favorite!

  2. Love your colorful site. Also pleased to see that your students have followed your lead with interesting and vibrant art work. Have added this site to my blog,