Sunday, October 10, 2010

2nd Grd- Laurel Burch Cats

This project was one i picked up from my students teaching teacher and then i have seen many versions of it around the web.  But my second graders did a great job on this projects!  We started by viewing a short power point on Laurel Burch to make them familiar with the artist and her life.  They then got to work.  Each traced a pre-made Cat template and then drew in their cats face and tail details.  Then followed mixing their own tins and painting the whole cat.  then next day they added pattern details with construction paper crayons, and if they did a nice job and finished on time they were able to add smaller details with glitter glue.  Finishing by cutting out their cats and having their own Laurel Birch inspired feline.

The lesson over all took about 3 40 minute classes:
Day 1- Ppt and tracing
Day 2- Painting with tints
Day 3- Cutting out cat and adding crayon details and patterns with glitter glue 

My sample Cat :
 Second graders results:

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