Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After using so many blogs out there to help with planning prepping and teaching i felt it would only be right to try and join in the 21st century and start sharing what my students have been up to.  But first a little background on me.  I am a fist year art teacher in Land O 'Lakes, Florida.  I have kids from PreK-5 that wander in and out of my classroom doors daily.  I attended school at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN and recently graduated in May.  I am very excited to get through my first year of teaching and so far things have been great! we are only about 2 projects in but i hope things get better and better from here! 

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  1. Good luck with your new year! I joined you better get pressure! It is fun to share and I appreciate you adding my site to your wall. Send me messages if you are in need of any help or advice.