Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Endangered Animals

My 2/3 graders LOVE to free draw so to work on improving their drawing skills i have introduced them to "How to Draw Sheets".  They are learning about Endangered animals in Science and so i put out my collection of Endangered Animal Drawing Sheets for them to use.
 Their task was simple:
day 1- Follow the steps to draw their animal BIG on the piece of colored paper that best represented its habitat.
day 2-  out line the animal and add in at least 3 objects that help show what the animals habitat is. (the drawing sheets have a small paragraph explaining where the animal lives and why it is endangered that they were to read to help them draw)
day 3- i played around with how i wanted them to fill in the color a bit so some classes used Chalk Pastels and filled in (came out kinda messy, maybe too detailed for this age group to do), some Painted them in with Tempera Cakes (the color didn't stand out too well on the colored paper background.) then most classes and the photos show the ones who colored in the animals with Construction paper crayons, good color they just really needed to slow down to make the crayon neat.

Over all a GREAT drawing project which forced the kids to thing BIG, just a few kinks to work out for the future on how i want to finish it.

One of the students did this during a free draw with these sheets and thus im inspiration for the project:
So fun and creative for a 2nd grader!!
 Samples from day 2 on...

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