Monday, May 23, 2011

5th Grade MASKS!!!!

This is the BIG BIG BIG project for our 5th graders, they wait all 6 years to get to make their Plaster Masks... we start by making masks in molds from Plaster Paris then they are able to design and paint their masks however they wish, we look at different worldly masks for ideas but the students are able to do as they please (just avoiding masks that looks to Halloween like).  They then dress them up with gems and jewels!  Very fun and creative results!

I also drew a few ideas on the board with the two samples masks i had made, one a lil girlie and one a bit more fun for the boys... showing that they don't all have to be fancy masks with gems.


  1. Ow,very cool.

    We did a Chinese mask project this year! I still have to make a post about it ...

    I really love the results!

    Ilse at

  2. I am starting a mask project in the net week. I have the molds but am quite unfamiliar with the process of plaster of paris. Any tips or advice??