Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Year in Photos

So busy with out any time to post lately but I plan to get more info to you soon about these projects or if you have any questions please ask, but since i tend to break down others ideas through pictures more than description here are a few in my "Need to Post" Folder for you to ponder and see if any inspire you to write up a lesson Many were inspired by some of your postings but i am sorry i lost where i wrote down what blog they came from in order to give proper credit :( But if it was you please comment with your link!.....

Large Jungle Cats 2/3:

3D Paper Masks 2-4-

Paul Klee Warm Colors K1-

Eric Carl Paper Making:
Royal Puppies K-1:

Found Object Neon Prints K1-
Analogous color Monster Paintings 2-5:
We used waterguns to push air to move the paint around- Kids LOVED IT! we then added cut paper to create a monster- i found this on a blog- im sorry i just dont know where- maybe Smart art?

Collage Flamingos Warm/Cool  4/5: