Monday, April 25, 2011

K-1 Landscape Cows

 Foreground, Middle Ground, Back Ground-- the K-1 kiddos learned about this concept by first folding their paper in half to create a horizon line, then the drew a cow by tracing the body and head then connecting the pieces and adding the details.  They then learned that the cow was in the middle ground since its body crossed over the horizon line, they then added mountains and a sky in the background, small grass to the middle, and large blades of grass the the foreground.  Over all a very fun colorful project that they did a great job on!
^small notes on the board for them the reference while they worked to make sure they had all the parts of the cow and everything drawn in the correct grounds

 ^ We used colored crayons to draw in the details, helped to avoid showing pencil lines

 Above are two samples from Kindergarten classes and below are two from 1st graders, all did a great job making unique cows

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