Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Still Life

4/5 Created a still life Glue. Pastel drawing using direct observation.  They looked at the still life of bottles and apples and drew what they saw.  They first started by watching me draw it, talking about how to draw a bottle and apple correctly.  Next they practiced small sketches 4 times on paper then one time large on the back of the paper.

They then drew their final one on black paper finishing by outlining over the pencil lines with glue.   They next week they chose the colors they wanted to use and filled in the bottles, apples and table with chalk pastels and rubbed them all over with a piece of a paper towel.   In the end we finished by spraying they paper with hair spray to fix the chalk to the paper.   They were a fun project for the kids to learn about direct observation with as well as still life's and Paul Cezanne.

Samples of what i put on the board and they steps the 4/5 students took to complete their projects, then student samples:

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